Current Features

Enter tunings

A user can enter tunings by clicking (maybe more than once) in the top part of a tuning cell and entering a numerator. Then click in the bottom part (maybe more than once) to enter a denominator. Fraction calculations can be be done in a "Ratio Calculation" section on the lower right. A user can also hit the "random tunings" button to get a completely random tuning.

Saving and Loading tunings

Under the File menu, or with apple-s and apple-o shortcuts, users can open or save files.

Importing Scala Files

New! JJiCalc can open Scala files. Just select "import scala file" from the file menu. Note that cents are approximated to ratios, as Scala supports non-just tunings. There is a very large scale archive in the scala format, which can be downloaded from http://www.xs4all.nl/~huygensf/doc/scales.zip

Displaying tuning lattices

Hit the lattice button or select lattice from the window menu.

Playing sounds

From the calculator

Right click on a cell (control-click on mac) to bring up a popup menu with an "enable sound" option. click on "enable sound" to play the the tuning. Right (or control) click again to click on "disable sound" to stop playing the tuning.

From the lattice

Click on a fraction in the lattice to start playing it. Click on it again to stop playing it.

From the kayboard window

Under windows, slect keyboard to use the keyboard window. to hear a tuning, just mouse over a key to start playing it and mouse off to stop playing it

Coming features


In the future, users will be able to open and save tunings in other file formats. Support for the Scala format is coming very soon. help make it happen


The calculator will be modified to contain support for multiple translations so it can run in many different languages. help make it happen

Send tunings out to synths via MIDI

Work hasn't started on this, aside form the keyboard window being added, but this is on the list of coming features help make it happen


Wouldn't it be great if you could play a sound into your computer and see how many cents off you were from your just tuning? You could use this feature to tune your strings or just practice playing justly. help make it happen

Help Make it Happen

Programmers who know other languages, have experience with i18n, know MIDI and FFTs or just are interested in Just Intonation are encouraged to apply. Send a Message to the project admin to find out more.

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